A Meditation on Life: Awakenings

But as I grew older and wiser, it became clear that things were not right.

Little by little, my curious brain discovered the many holes in the stories they told… the hollowness of their slogans… the pointlessness of their rituals… the contradictions in their moral pronouncements… the mindlessness of their clichés… the heartlessness of their politics… the emptiness of their promises. There were too many deniers of facts… too many profiteers of exploitation… too many “authorities” who did not practice what they preached.

So, with my growing curiosity and fledgling command of language in hand, I began to ask questions… of everyone… about everything.

But I quickly discovered that curiosity may have been the biggest sin of all.

Each institution had swift and well-practiced countermeasures to deal with my “misguided” efforts to make sense of my confused and confusing world.

And so I learned that thinking out loud was a dangerous thing to do.

Next Meditation: Withdrawal


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