A Meditation on Life: Inbreeding

My tribe… family, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers, coaches, employers, colleagues, and preachers… never asked me who I was or what I wanted to be.

Being “normal”… in other words, being like them, was simply expected… an insidious unspoken expectation that absorbed me as I absorbed it… like the water I drank and air I breathed.

And so adopted the dress, manners, language, and pasttimes of my village.

At school, I dutifully (albeit mindlessly) recited the pledge of allegiance every morning. I jumped through every hoop and did as I was told lest I be sent to the principal’s office.

At church, I learned that my church was the only true church. How could it not be better than the church across town? How could it not be better than all the other churches?

And so life went on day after day for thousands of days.

And nobody asked why.

Next Mediation: The Caste System


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