The Caste System

As my body, mind, and spirit grew from dependent infancy into curious childhood, I managed to catch a glimpse, here and there, of how the world turned, and I quickly discovered that we are not all created equal.

I noticed that there was a PECKING ORDER…

… that some humans were “above” me… while other humans were “below” me.

The humans “above” made and enforced the rules.

The humans “below” followed the rules and did the heavy lifting.

Things remained “peaceful” as long as everybody knew their place.

And so, I began to assess where I belonged within this hierarchy.

And I came to accept my station in life.

I “belonged” somewhere in the middle… the very ordinary middle… for one simple reason: The middle world… the “ordinary” world… was the world to which I was born.

Existentialism Humanism

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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