A Meditation on Life: Rebirth

And so I looked in the mirror… and realized that I had no idea who I was.

Shocked, disheartened, humbled, and embarrassed, I seemed little more than a cork in the ocean, bobbing up and down with the waves, drifting with the currents, becalmed here or blown there by the shifting breezes and raging gales.

And so I lived in despair for quite some time, until I was rescued by a liberating realization: The only way to rise above being a victim of circumstance is to realize the profound depth and breadth to which I am a product of circumstance.

Thus, I received a most precious gift… and I knew for the first time that I had the power to be more than anybody, me included, ever expected me to be… the infinitely precious opportunity to transform my life from something that merely happens to me to something that happens because of me.

It was time to celebrate my real birthday… day one for living my examined life.

Next Meditation: Identity Crisis


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