A Meditation on Life: Retrospection

Only now do I realize how much of my upbringing happened to me… without my informed consent.

Only now do I realize how vulnerable I was as a child… completely at the mercy of my elders for my survival and tutelage, for better or worse.

Only now do I realize that obedience, conformity, and the stoic acceptance of my lot in life were a total rejection of my spirit.

Only now do I realize that what they wanted me to be was not what I wanted me to be.

Only now do I realize that, in the invisible cage of my childhood, dreams were worse than forbidden. If they were forbidden, I might have at least been able to ask why.

Next Meditation: Introspection


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Retrospection

  1. Hey Frank, this is John from Jack Doyle’s. We had a brief conversation about life. I love what you’re doing. It is starting to inspire me to seek again.

    Peace&Love Brother,


    Liked by 1 person

    • What a pleasure to hear from you, John. And thanks a million for the words of appreciation. By the way, meeting you gave me those last few drops of encouragement I needed to start putting my thoughts and feelings out there, knowing that there really are people, like you, who do take life seriously. All the best, my friend, and hoping to see you at Jack Doyle’s again, sooner rather than later. Sláinte!


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