A Meditation on Life: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Even a casual survey of human behavior teaches us that beliefs are a uniquely potent force…

… a master force perhaps… with irresistible power to bring out the very best and very worst in us.

As long as they are a force for good, beliefs (even if wildly eccentric) are no cause for alarm. But, given our proven capacity for apathy, bigotry, and destruction in the name of patent falsehoods, the courageous examination of what we deem true, false, good, and evil is a deadly serious matter.

Next Meditation: My First Act of Faith


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

  1. changing ones mindset or beliefs is the most difficult thing a person can do. It takes a daily, concerted effort to be open to that we have rejected in the past to be true or false; good or evil. It takes even more effort to change behaviors. Thoughts drive our motivation to act or behave a certain way and we often get stuck acting in the way we know best. Fear often leads our motivation to not act, to not take a risk at something we always avoided.

    Self-fulfilling prophecy, yes, definitely. We are what we think and our thoughts definitely control our behaviors. But many other factors control our beliefs and thoughts and are deeply embedded in the choices we make. Self-evaluation and understanding of self, is necessary to learn and grow; but also having an open mind and being able to challenge your own beliefs and values as false or situational is of ultimate importance and the hardest thing to do.

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    • Quote: “having an open mind and being able to challenge your own beliefs and values as false or situational is of ultimate importance and the hardest thing to do.”
      It seems that way, doesn’t it. So the question is, why should that be the most difficult thing to do? I’ll explain it this way. Because our “programming” does not allow us to see ourselves as “trinitarian” beings combining the force of “spirit” or lifeforce, consciousness or mind and body/brain, we usually fall in the last category and yes at that point self-improvement becomes difficult, mostly because as a physical entity with a very short lifespan, why “waste” time growing in consciousness? So it seems like hard work for little gain. But once we break out of the basic programming and realize what it means to be human, self-improvement becomes a daily looked-for challenge. We want to be tested. It’s no different than training for the Olympics: we become athlete and we no longer mind the attendant necessary disciplines such as detachment (a big one!). The long-term goal is all that matters then. That’s when life becomes truly exciting – my experience anyway.

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