A Meditation on Life: Significance

Everything I do (or not) matters… to me… and to other living things… today, and for all time to come.

This is no mere opinion. It is a statement of fact… and, when properly understood, a most sobering fact.

And it invites me to ask: What shall I do with my unique endowment of burdens, blessings, and time?

… a question so broad that it leaves no aspect of life untouched: family, friendship, money, education, work, health, sex, parenthood, and citizenship, to name but a few.

… a question so deep that it spawns a multiverse of dimensions essential to our humanity: responsibility, compassion, creativity, generosity, forgiveness, courage, faith, love, power, and justice.

… a question so fraught with dilemmas that it guarantees a lifetime of anguish… pitting one good against another and often demanding the exercise of necessary evil.

So, who am I?

Answering this question is not optional.

No matter if, and no matter how, I ask the question… I answer it emphatically… for better or worse… with everything I do, or fail to do… each and every day.

Next Meditation: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


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