A Meditation on Life: Conviction

Wouldn’t it be nice if faith was simply a matter of choosing what to believe?

Alas, life is NOT that easy.

It is never enough to believe something.

It is not even enough to believe in something.

I have no claim to dignity unless I stand for something.

Next Meditation: Self-Awareness


One thought on “A Meditation on Life: Conviction

  1. Decades ago the Teachers (one, actually, named YLea) explained the concept of believing. “Believe all things, believe in nothing.” Both lead to freedom. Believing all things means accepting things from the point of view of others, for their sake, not mine. Believing IN nothing means to never get trapped into someone else’s belief system, or spiritual/mind power manipulation. That was when I came to see that ‘faith’ is a chimera. It is a manipulative force that takes power from individuals and fees it to a controlling center, from a god on down. Once it is no longer a matter of “faith” then one can make a personal choice about a purpose and follow through. It’s called self-empowerment.

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