When my head and heart are in the right place…

even the slightest perpendicularity between my actions and my ideals causes me pain.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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    • Thanks for asking. I have lots more coming on the subject, but in the meantime… I suspect the culprit is NOT that my ideals are unreasonable, but that my behavior is disappointing me somehow… that a deep soul-searching is required to root out my apathy, selfishness, ignorance, arrogance, laziness, self-righteousness, hypocrisy… to name but a few. What do YOU think?


      • You seem a tad harsh on yourself, but then you know yourself best. What are we doing here? What are these feelings, these prompts, these doubts, these moments of exaltation trying to tell us? That we are much, much more than we care to, or dare to, believe. Not in the sense of a N-Agey type screaming “I am God!” (there’s a truck load of ego expressing!) but that we need to give ourselves a reason to be here, a purpose. As a sentient intelligence we are still at a very low level of evolution and these lives we come here to live, they are meant for us to decide what we eventually want to turn into. There are those who choose power and glory and we observe the mess they make of things so maybe there is no future in that direction; then there are those who choose the humility of service to others, finding their fulfillment in their chosen path, not in praise, recognition, adulation or worse, financial gain. I think that when we put ourselves in that harness, that’s when the awareness of our own failings becomes most acute. So, we need to realize, and accept, that Rome wasn’t built in one day. If this is a conscious and deliberate choice chances are we’re on it for the entirety of the run. We won’t be run off, or side-tracked and we can allow ourselves to relax a bit while we make our course corrections… and… tomorrow the stars! (Whatever that will mean.)

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        • Thank you for taking the precious time and energy to comment… and for granting me the permission to be an imperfect human being. I often wonder if I am taking life too seriously… or that I may be assuming too much responsibility for problems whose solutions rightly belong to others. That said, I will be exploring such questions of stewardship, justice, compassion, friendship, community, faith, gratitude, love, mortality, purpose, and more… with all the dilemmas they present… in dozens of meditations to come. Sent in gratitude and peace.


          • You are most welcome. I will read your thoughts, and interject my own home-grown philosophy in comments as seems appropriate. Word of “advice” (hate that word) if I may: don’t fire off too many too quickly – give us time to wander about the pasture after we’ve eaten, and a chance to chew the cud.

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            • Thanks for the “advice” (hate the word too). Actually I take your advice as one of the best compliments I have ever received. And thank you for being one of the uncommon, precious souls who takes the time to engage deeply with what I am sharing. It gives me hope and makes the world a less lonely place. All the best to you.

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