A Meditation on Life: The Pursuit of Happiness

Wouldn’t it be nice if happiness was a decision?

Alas, life is not that easy.

No matter what form it takes… a warm hug, a cold beer, carefree play, feelings of contentment and gratitude, physical health, emotional well-being, freedom from want, freedom from fear, the joy of communion, the satisfaction of a job well done, sincere friendship, forgiveness, a gift given, a gift received, a wound healed, a mountain climbed, a promise kept, enjoyment of natural beauty, emotional intimacy, justice restored, a joyous discovery, a clear conscience, an exciting prospect, mutual trust and understanding, a noble accomplishment, a pleasant memory, sexual ecstasy, peace of mind, or hope for the future… happiness is the elusive and fleeting exception, not the rule… sometimes bestowed by grace, sometimes earned, but largely and ever at the mercy of circumstances beyond my control.

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9 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: The Pursuit of Happiness

  1. Good thoughts. If happiness is the sought goal then you are correct. It’s a crap shoot. I wonder what the “fathers” of the American constitution meant by “the pursuit of happiness.” Seems to me if that’s the goal of life… well no wonder America is in the mess it’s in. To an aware and open mind, happiness is never a goal, just something that may or may not happen; changes in the weather. As a quest, happiness is a super shallow one; as useful as seeking the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As a pursuit, happiness is a dead end but a life lived for joy will experience more happiness than any others.

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    • Sadly, the pursuit of happiness a la the American Dream seems more the attainment of material comfort and freedom from… in other words, embracing the BENEFITS of liberty while rejecting the BURDENS of liberty.
      More on the subject later, but I agree that there are ways of living that make higher degrees of “happiness” possible… although such happiness is just a by product, not the pot of gold. Peace.

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