The Reality Principle


Small reality is merely the objective state of what is.

BIG REALITY is the painful gap between what is and how I wish things would be.

BIG REALITY is hunger, thirst, and fatigue.

BIG REALITY is sickness, disability, and death.

BIG REALITY is a world of injustice, exploitation, and violence.

BIG REALITY is the humbling recognition of my limitations, imperfections, and shortcomings.

BIG REALITY is frustration, failure, disappointment, anxiety, regret, heartbreak, and sorrow.

Such is life.


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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Thanks for the challenge, and I think you got it. That’s how it works. Once that process is understood, we can proceed to change ourselves. Can the leopard change its spots? In the case of our mind/consciousness, you bet. We can decide what sort of being we are, and will be. In my mind, self-correction goes on all the time. Less excuses, more positive change. I am “defective” but I don’t hate myself for it, now that I know I can change into something I can live with and continually improve.

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      • IMO, capacity – definitely – we are born with all the basic building blocks to become a true human. Desire (the subject of this long comment)- sadly no.

        The problem here is about “programming” the powerful reality of which most Earthians would reject. There is a “thing” most people are vaguely aware that they possess, they call it their soul. They don’t know what it is but they sense it. What it is, is a programming implant. As soon as I say that, there is a violent negative reaction to the information, that being part of the programming.

        The soul allows certain unseen, unknown, power entities to manipulate sentient life, not just on earth but throughout the universe. Desire is based on programming and the programming relies heavily on emotion. To overcome that, one needs to enter a state of “complete” detachment. All relationships are terminated, then re-connected through conscious choice rather than emotional appeal. As expected, many relationships fail at that point because they can only be maintained emotionally – but emotional relationships, not only to people, but to beliefs, nations, possessions, memories: all are energy sucks. All are drains that suck the life out of emotionally connected intelligence. Insisting on being connected emotionally is like a child sucking on a soother. It is soothing, but a complete waste of energy – there is no food in a soother.

        To end this, desire must also be brought under the discipline of detachment, through self empowerment. Only then can desire be used to bring forth what “I” want, not what the programming drives me to want. Only then can I choose to become an avatar of compassion from which point the programming no longer functions; it’s been by-passed because compassion feeds life whereas the soul implant is an anti-life programming.

        I didn’t get this from books, I don’t read those kinds. This is living, working, life experience. Reminds me of a saying somewhere, “From darkness to light.” That “light” is personal but powerful enough to expose all the “evil” (if you will allow me to call a spade a spade here) that surrounds me, so that I may steer clear, discern and judge constantly but experience no need to condemn. Knowing allows us to make real and lasting choices.

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          • Assuming I have the wisdom to answer such a question… oh, boy! I think either/or. Here’s how it has been with me: it came to me as a pure gift of grace: that was the spark. After that, as I was warned, it was up to me to keep the brazier aflame, so the rest was mostly self-cultivated. To assure myself I’d have the motivation, I set myself up with a purpose that left little room for anything (else) in my life that would compete against that choice. I said, I will be compassion, and I spent weeks pondering what that meant. When I realized it meant re-inventing myself that’s what I did, and continue to do. Over time I realized that becoming compassion meant detachment; letting go of those earth things people find so important, necessary or mesmerizing. Some people say it must be hard: it would be if one failed to realize that the “stuff” detached from is all temporary whereas the gains are infinite. My early religious efforts taught me these truths, of course, but they only became self-evident as I tied my life to them. I’m not sure this is answering your question, but I can only speak for myself as this sort of lifestyle isn’t transferable, it has to be individually chosen, lived, experienced to have any meaning at all. Best I can do at this moment, Frank.

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            • Thanks for your always thoughtful engagement. My path of “detached self-determination” (for lack of a better phrase) was jump started by an epiphany that came as a “gift of grace” in, of all places, a “disco” in Nairobi in 1992. I have been trying to honor the mind- and heart-blowing lesson I learned there ever since. Perhaps I will share the story someday, if I can figure out how to tell it properly. Peace.


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