A Meditation on Life: Sorrow

It is a great tragedy of life that our capacity to endure suffering is often far greater than our power to eliminate suffering.

And it seems to me a great evil that even our endurance has its limits.

Sometimes all we can do is cry… sometimes for ourselves… sometimes for others… sometimes alone… sometimes with others… as a compassionate, silent witness with all the dignity we can muster.

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One thought on “A Meditation on Life: Sorrow

  1. Quote: “Some suffering really is beyond the reach of all the love and care in the world.”

    The “invention” that calls itself “man” is riddled with inconsistencies and character defects which, generally speaking, it would seek to personally benefit from than try to fix. The great twins, joy and sorrow, offer a path out of the basic selfishness of man’s nature into something grander, more “divine” in scope. Joy and sorrow manifest as freeing agents within the detached person’s mind. They have nothing to do with happiness, pleasure, pain or suffering, though these physical/emotional states may point towards joy and sorrow. To understand, from the point of view of the empath, is to see this world for what it is: a failed experiment, or a failed state. As long as predation exists and is accepted as “normal” or worse, “natural” empathy will not take root and grow to manifest change here: it cannot. The so-called “law” of survival of the fittest will continue to dictate chaos, destruction and death. Fear will continue to rule. The cries of the victims will continue to rise, day and night, and the howls and cheers of the victors will fill the air and blood will continue to flow.

    To change earth one must find the power to change the programming that operates it and destroy that programming. Then one must go back over millions, perhaps billions, of years to discover how it was before violent death became a part of this world’s process and re-establish such a non-violent operating system. For the true empath, the change agent, the avatar of compassion, knowing the root cause of earth’s predatory problem is the first step.

    I can say this without equivocation: nothing currently being offered by the many seeking for positive change will have the slightest effect on the long-term deconstruction of man’s civilization and cultures, and the death of earth.

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