A Meditation on Life: Ulterior Motives

Before I embrace (or reject) any idea, belief, or moral stance I should ask myself:

Do I have a vested interest in adopting one position over another?

… recognizing that my body, mind, and spirit are easily hijacked by self-serving desires: convenience, comfort, rescue, self-preservation, abdication, vicarious forgiveness, or rejection of responsibility… to name but a few.

… recognizing that the truth matters, even if it hurts.

… recognizing that a belief is not true because it benefits the believer in me.

… recognizing that any worldview that demands little of me should be scrutinized with more skepticism and vigor than a worldview that demands much.

Next Meditation: Godlessness


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Ulterior Motives

  1. Reading that, and comparing to my own life’s changes in that direction, I get the impression you’ve spent time studying and pondering the synoptic gospels of the Christian New Testament, among other high quality and difficult spiritual teachings. Too bad so many who claim to be disciples of those spiritual teachers fail to grasp the meaning of the “commands” therein.


    • While I have surveyed all the mainstream religions, given a fair hearing to their respective scriptures, and gleaned what I could from each, my convictions with respect to this particular posting come right out of the Socratic dialogues in Plato’s Republic. I would make a few of them required reading for anyone who dares to pursue a well-wounded education in philosophy and morality. Thanks and Peace.


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