A Meditation on Life: Epidemics

Everything I do (or fail to do) casts a vote for what exists in the world.

Every occupation, spending habit, possession, and pastime…

Every relationship, membership, and allegiance…

Every acceptance or rejection, every promise kept or broken, every encouraging or discouraging word, every sincerity or pretense…

Every act of generosity or greed, compassion or apathy, courage or cowardice, hope or despair…

Every resentment, every mistake never owned, every olive branch rejected, every cry for help ignored, every generous impulse never acted upon…

So many sins of commission creating wounds that so many sins of omission allow to fester.

And so, everything I do (or not) is contagious… with the potential to spread farther and wider than I can ever know.

So, what do I want people to catch from me?

Next Meditation: Beyond Freedom & Dignity


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Epidemics

  1. You inspire depth of feeling and ignite a fire to do better. Please know that the kindness you leave with your footprints leave a ripple that I’m grateful to be in the wake of. Blessings and peace to you, kind sir.

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