A Meditation on Life: Taking Inventory

Do I really know why I go to work, buy insurance, mow the lawn, study for tests, say my prayers, pay my taxes, and comb my hair before leaving the house?

Do I really know why I am living in this country… in this city… sitting at this desk… working for this boss… pushing this piece of paper?

Do I really know why I am I sitting on this couch… in this house… watching this program… on this television?

Do I really know why I am driving this car… on this street… to that place… in order to do whatever it may be?

Well, do I?

What are the real reasons behind my every dream, pastime, membership, hobby, relationship, ambition, possession, pursuit, attachment, belief, alliance, allegiance, and occupation?

Some candidates: ambition, fear, fraternity, conformity, comfort, greed, generosity, duty, lust, love, guilt, fun, self-consciousness, relaxation, obligation, creativity, obedience, prestige, adventure, boredom, challenge, curiosity, laziness, habit, escape, happenstance, to name but a few.

Perhaps I really don’t know why. Perhaps I am not quite the autonomous being I claim to be. Perhaps I already know the answer, but dare not admit the inconvenient truth. If so, what am I so afraid of?

Next Meditation: Authenticity


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Taking Inventory

  1. Detachment, and self empowerment. Then you’ll know. Oh, one more thing: set a life purpose for yourself, one you know you cannot attain in a lifetime but is worth every moment striving for…

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