A Meditation on Life: Authenticity

As all my pretenses fall away…

… as I renounce all possessions, pursuits, and partnerships that are not true and beautiful…

… nagging discomforts in my body, mind, and spirit magically disappear.

Liberated from the need to explain myself to others… undeterred by criticism and unmoved by flattery… having no need for sanction or validation… unmotivated by the trappings of fame and fortune… no use for blame or excuses… a real human being emerges…

… devoted, yet demanding… spontaneous, yet disciplined…

… a thinking, feeling, doing embodiment of honesty, curiosity, courage, generosity, compassion, awareness, abandon, and passion…

… a free agent beyond definition or category… unconstrained by social norms or desire for popularity… unburdened from the desire for accumulation or station… master or slave to no one…

… whose words and actions cannot fail to be eloquent… beyond the stifling reach of technique, preconception, self-consciousness, obedience, conformity, and convention…

… humble enough to do “the least thing”… and audacious enough to dare “the impossible”.

No small feat in a world that would just as soon have me be something I am not.

Next Meditation: Detachment


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