A Meditation on Life: Personhood

My true identity is defined not by what I have (or not), but by what I choose to do with what I have (or not).

In the most profound sense, I am real only to the degree that I am a cause, not a mere effect. In the most profound sense, I am nothing until I make something of myself.

It takes uncommon wisdom to recognize and embrace such self-cultivation as one of the essential, never-ending, and monumental challenges of existence… whose achievement is among the most admirable and joyous of human accomplishments.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Thank you, Frank, this exploration of ideas is quite timely, as most of your meditations are for me. I have been pursuing how I can best share this type of perspective with the world.
    In what ways, in your experience, can one help to make this necessary wisdom more common in our population? How can others be best inspired and helped to self-cultivate and consciously make something of themselves?

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    • Thanks for checking in and for the kind words of appreciation, Jess. Knowing that people like you exist fills me with hope and empowers me to do more. To answer your questions… Speaking out in defense of authenticity when you have the opportunity really matters… as I believe it can inspire those who are afraid to be who they really are to come out of the closet, so to speak. Of course, the most effective, enduring, and admirable way is to simply be a living example of your most deeply-held values. All the best to you, my friend and friend of the world. Peace.


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