A Meditation on Life: I & Thou

Do we both feel safe enough to be who we really are, without pretense or deceit, in each other’s company?

Do we respect the freedom and sovereignty of the other as passionately as we cherish and assert our own?

Are we willing to give to each other without expectation of reciprocity?

Are we brave enough, and do we care enough, to say what needs to be said, no matter how uncomfortable and risky that conversation might be?

Are we secure enough to celebrate each other’s successes, to be able to touch and go without jealousy?

Can we be trusted with each other’s secrets, thus giving the wounds hidden there a chance to heal and the hopes and dreams contained therein a chance to blossom?

And when our imperfections collide and cause each other pain, can we go beyond apology and forgiveness to compassionate understanding and mutual growth?

If both you and I can answer yes to all the above, then we have the humility, courage, and love it takes to be true friends.

Friendship… among the rarest and most precious treasures in all the universe.

Next Meditation: Wholeness

3 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: I & Thou

  1. Poignant words which make me take stock of my relationships, and areas where I still need to heal and grow.

    As much as we like to think we are making headway towards this end, we still slip and fall from time to time (our old “habits” die hard, and we often just react instead of consciously thinking beforehand, and this is so very true when old wounds haven’t healed). It’s a stark reminder that we are after all flawed and human.

    I think we need to be gentle on ourselves when we do the wrong thing, and at least be grateful that we now have the awareness that we have erred. That is a major step forward in itself. Keep moving forward, and do better next time.

    Fingers crossed.


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