A Meditation on Life: Solidarity

Experience teaches me again and again that achieving wholeness as a human being is not purely a solo endeavor.

Experience teaches me again and again…

… that separateness is the cause of much unnecessary suffering.

… that my life is deeply enriched by enriching the lives of others.

… that the healthy integration of self-interest and concern for others is essential to a life well-lived.

… that the extremes of self-indulgence and self-sacrifice only lead to misery.

… that I feel most deeply human when I matter to others… and matter with others.

… that life is more meaningful, fun, and interesting when I share it with other living creatures.

… that absolute belief in self-reliance and rugged individualism is a form of ignorance… and possibly ingratitude.

… that I am on the right path when my growing freedom and autonomy is balanced by equal measures of responsibility and fellowship.

… that authentic communion with others does not diminish me. Quite the contrary.

… that authentic communion with others does not require me to be something I am not.

… that we are most together as a community when we are most free as individuals.

… that nobody’s uniqueness need be sacrificed for the common good.

… that we are all in the same boat… and would all benefit if we allowed our hopes, fears, strengths, and weaknesses to unite us in mutual affection and shared purpose.

… that love of self and love of others need not be mutually exclusive… that, in fact, I love others best by loving myself more, not less.

Next Meditation: The Lottery


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