A Meditation on Life: Just Say Yes

Experience teaches me again and again that there seem to be a lot more reasons… and a lot more ways… to say NO rather than YES to opportunity.

Experience teaches me again and again that hopes and dreams are so easily crushed by fear… so easily crushed by self-doubt and self-consciousness… so easily crushed by trusting the cynics and critics… so easily crushed by being “reasonable”.

But experience teaches me again and again that the naysayer within me is miserable… and miserable to be around. A lover of quitting before even trying, he has never accomplished a damned thing worthwhile.

So, at the risk of being declared insane or foolhardy, I have no choice but to place my bets on the optimist in me… that “crazy” man who refuses to accept NO for an answer when he knows the answer is YES… and who “naively” keeps on trying even when things seem hopeless.

To that end, I need to beware any “authority”, creed, enterprise, or person who makes a virtue of the word “can’t”… myself included.

Next Meditation: Instinct Unplugged

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