A Meditation on Life: Instinct Unplugged

I want to be more than a survivor in a dog eat dog world.

I want to be more than a wild animal primed to fight, flee, or freeze in response to so many threats, real or imagined.

I want to be more than a bundle of primitive impulses that hijack my mouth, eyes, ears, hands, and feet before my higher self has a chance to deliberate.

To that end, I can’t believe in a universe so cruel that it would grant me such aspirations without also providing me the means for achieving them… or at least the chance to find meaning in the trying.

And so, I begin my quest for such transcendence by declaring it not just a scientific possibility, but a moral necessity.

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2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Instinct Unplugged

  1. A moral necessity, indeed. But what has the universe to do with any of it… as if it could care less? I think we need to look much closer to home in seeking this “transcendence” you speak of. What is my higher self but my own mind? And what is my mind, but me as I know myself to be, good, bad or indifferent? Like our bodies, the universe is a machine. It isn’t equipped to think, it just follows rules, just as we do. If it has a “mind” I’m not going there! But we have a mind, in fact we are primarily (eternally in my understanding of life) mind. As we think and reason (or not) so shall we be. As an intelligent being, I sought and determined my life’s purpose, beyond anything that could be achieved by mere mechanical means. This purpose shall endure and drive me on to certain endings, some I can foresee, some remaining hidden to be revealed through more personal changes. To me that’s what it means to be an intelligent, sentient, self-aware being. That’s what it means to be free. To be truly free, one must of necessity be self-empowered and not reliant upon “entities” however sacred, however ancient, however “big” or amazing. If the universe is the life-giver, then I must be the universe to myself.

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