A Meditation on Life: Trauma & Recovery

Unless “it” has happened to you, you don’t understand.

I know.

Because one day “it” happened to me…

… and then I understood.

Then I understood the utter devastation… the all-consuming heartbreak and terror… the nausea… the loneliness… the loss of joy and hope… the loss of faith… in humanity, in justice, in goodness, in a benevolent creator, in the power of love.

So, unless “it” has happened to you, please don’t give me advice. Please don’t tell me you are praying for me. Please don’t say it’s all part of God’s plan. Please don’t tell me that time heals all wounds. Please don’t say you know how I feel, because you don’t… no matter how compassionate and empathetic you are. What you can do is listen, really listen, when I want to talk about it… and just hold my hand when I don’t. And I will do my best to provide you the same refuge. Maybe then, we all have a chance to heal, or at least to survive the unimaginable.

Next Meditation: Sentience


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Life: Trauma & Recovery

  1. True. Sharing openly is healing for both parties. It is a challenge to just listen. We all hope to offer words that help when just listening is the kindest gift.

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