A Meditation on Life: Vocations

Clarity of purpose…

… a master purifier… with the power to unclutter my heart and mind of the vulgar and trivial… to transform material wealth and clout from self-serving ambitions into means to higher ends… to eliminate possessions, people, and habits that are not food for my soul.

Clarity of purpose…

… a master energizer… with the power to transform drudgery into a labor of love… to animate the best parts of me… to reveal talents and virtues I did not know I possessed… transforming the dilettante in me into a force to be reckoned with.

Clarity of purpose…

a master organizer… with the power to open the imagination and to attract surprising resources to its cause.

Clarity of purpose…

… the parent of many precious children: the discipline to show up to work every day… the integrity to do the right thing when no one is looking… the humility to do the “small” things that matter and the wisdom to reject “big” things that don’t… the conviction to resist the naysayers, cynics, and critics, to keep going in the face of unpopularity, loneliness, and self-doubt… to persevere despite so many invitations to quit… the courage to trust, even at the risk of disappointment or betrayal.

Clarity of purpose…

… a master force… bigger than talent… beyond skill and technique… an enthusiasm that needs no sanction… something called LOVE.

We should all be so fortunate to be possessed by something greater than our own comfort, ease, and safety… something so compelling that there is no question of pursuing it… not because we are required to… not because we desire to… but because it represents the deepest, most natural, most honest expression of who we truly are… so much so that we cannot imagine life any other way.

Next Meditation: Becoming a Person


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