A Meditation on Life: Horizons

The frontier is not some romantic fantasy forever lost to the remote and inaccessible past, privileged to a fortunate few pioneers who lived way back when.

The frontier is here and now… as it always is… as it always has been.

No matter the cause of or justification for my mysterious existence, here I am… faced with the same inescapable question that is answered, for better or worse, with everything I do (or not) each and every day: What shall I do with this infinitely precious opportunity called life?

I begin with a most sobering realization: I am more than on the frontier… I am the frontier… Aren’t we all?

And so, LIFE, properly understood, knows that I have more than the right to be somebody… I have the sacred responsibility to be somebody… to be more than my DNA expected me to be… more than my hometown ever expected me to be… more than I ever expected me to be.

To that end, do I dare be more than a spectator?

Do I dare embrace the terrors and joys of a responsible freedom that needs no sanction?

Do I dare transform existence from something that merely happens to me to something that happens because of me?

Do I dare stop looking for answers and start being the answer?

Do I dare live like I deserve to be alive?

I only know one thing for sure. The next thing I do is up to me… and nobody else.

And when I act as the spirit in me knows and aspires, not as the animal in me was bred and trained, does my life truly begin.


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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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