A Meditation on Faith: The Question

The entire universe and our place in it is beyond mysterious…

… so utterly inexplicable that we are at a complete loss… no matter how impeccable our logic, sincere our intentions, or wild our imagination… to explain the existence of a single proton, much less the purpose of a billion galaxies.

And beware of any person, creed, or enterprise that claims otherwise.

Isn’t it time that we all admit our profound ignorance on such matters?

Isn’t it time to recognize the freedom and responsibility contained in three simple words: “I don’t know”.

Socrates taught us so long ago that such humility is the foundation of any ethical worldview… and that, before we jump to conclusions or latch on to convenient answers, we should first be sure that we are asking the right questions.

That said, what is any reasonable and decent person to do with his fleeting existence in this impossible, unfathomable, inescapable expanse of time and space that doesn’t seem to care if or how he lives or dies?

In other words, to what ends shall he invest what little he does know, while admitting his profound ignorance on just about everything else?

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7 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: The Question

  1. I believe intuition is the only thing to truly move the matter in and around our being, in this existence. One feels and thinks then does. Yes, some of the most terrible things may have been done in good intentions and yes, some of the most amazing things have been done with terrible intentions, but it’s the beings just following what drives their energy. Peronally, I follow the warm and fuzzy feelings. I appreciate positivity and love and I shall always follow that direction tugging at my heart string no matter where it takes me. It has taken me into so dark times I may add, but I learned a lot along the way. As for where and how much to invest oneself into some relationship or task, I personally believe that is where the spark is. When the spark arrives, use the spark to keep your passions warm and learn something you haven’t known before. Those sparks always seem to carry you to some “new” knowledge and help you accomplish something. Even if it hurts sometimes. It is that spark that led me to you brother. I’m glad it did.

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  2. Hello Frank J Peter,

    I like your blog and I like your independent way of thinking. Like you, I am also an independent thinker. I like to go deep into the subject and ask questions with a view to bringing more clarity.

    You wrote, “In other words, to what ends shall he invest what little he does know, while admitting his profound ignorance on just about everything else?”

    I would like to say that what little a person thinks he does know, he may be wrong in that too. What people think they know ( followers of religions and science etc.) after some time may turn out to be wrong.

    As Socrates is supposed to have said, “All I know is that I know nothing”

    What a person thinks he knows and what a person knows are two different things.

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