A Meditation on Faith: Curiosity

I am always entitled to ask why… of anyone… about anything.

Wanting to know is not the sin of pride…

… as long as my inquiry is sincere… detached from ulterior motives… welcoming both my skepticism and my credulity with sufficient force that they keep each other honest… earnest enough to challenge my own values, beliefs, and behaviors with the same vigor that I challenge the values, beliefs, and behaviors of others… courageous enough to accept an answer that does not fulfill my wishes… and ever open to revision and abandonment as new argument and experience require.

How can such inquiry, guided by love and logic, not inoculate me against both blind acceptance of falsehood and blind rejection of reality?

How can such inquiry not be in the vital interest of all living creatures… now and for all time to come?

Next Meditation: Justification


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