Justification, Part 2

“Because we have always done it this way!” is not a reason.

“Because God said so!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what the holy scriptures say!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what ‘a good Christian’ is supposed to do!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what ‘a good Democrat’ is supposed to do!” is not a reason.

“Because that’s what ‘a good American’ is supposed to do!” is not a reason.

Only a truly moral person can argue right from wrong without resorting to claims of tradition, authority, obedience, or allegiance.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Frank, I also must add, that God seeks me more than I seek Him. The old saying in Christian circles is we don’t “Find God.” He was never lost. He seeks us, He finds us, and perhaps this sense of pull I experience from Him, this desire I sense to be my guidance and salvation is what has built my allegiance.

    Just wondering Frank, you asked a question, I replied, and yet no comment from you. Do you believe this is the banter of another hypocritical Christian so you do not respond, or does my comment leave you with no response? Or, something else? Your blog is terrific. I only want to bless you with my comments.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Peace, brother.


    • It sounds like you may have something particular in mind when you use the word “faith”, John, and that it has a deep hold on you. I would like to understand. So, first may I ask what you mean by the word “faith” and second may I ask how “faith” is a reason. Looking forward to your reply. Peace.


      • Yes, He has a deep hold on me, and I hold deeply to Him, the Godhead in three – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My ultimate reason, how I reason, what gives me reason, is keeping Faith in the unreasonable, the impractical, the unfathomable grace of God. John 1:11 “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” And to this day, we still continue to reason our own way.

        In my confusion, in my pain, in my search for meaning, I turn to Him and no longer try to reason on my own because my reasoning apart from Him is futile. It is not tradition, family history, religion, the church, any need to belong, any authority or any sense of obedience to anyone or anything that I seek Him. It is my inescapable, all embodying, desperate need for His presence and grace. Despite my attempts to the contrary.

        I seek Him, I sense Him, I read His Word and His clear, simple reason takes over and brings clarity to my troubled mind. John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

        So that’s what I meant by faith is a reason.

        I hope that clarifies my dear friend.

        Peace and God’s Blessings to you always.


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