A Meditation on Faith: Revelation, Part I

What book would I want to be put into my hands as a child?

A canon of ready-made answers?

Or a book of provocative questions?

Next Meditation: Revelation, Part II


3 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Revelation, Part I

  1. Both. There are many provocative questions found in God’s Word – the Holy Bible. Like, “now that I have read all of this, what do I do with it?” The intuitive yet discerning reader asks questions constantly about what he reads.
    Peace Out.

    I kinda like this blog thing 🙂


  2. Of importance about giving a child a book: make sure it is age appropriate. My parents gave me a Children’s Illustrated Bible when I was a child, so my young, undeveloped mind could understand and use it. Also, I read a lot of Dr. Suess which had a quarry of provocative questions like “this hat or that,” etc.


    • I hope that other readers realize that I am not necessarily talking about a LITERAL child or a LITERAL book, right? That point aside, I agree that all teaching should be age-appropriate… and that there are age-appropriate provocative questions such as “Johnny, how do you think YOU would feel if Suzy took YOUR crayons?” Alas, there is also age-appropriate BRAINWASHING… The gatekeepers are quite skilled at this game. So, I am a huge fan of Doctor Seuss… meaningful life lessons, delivered with good humor by such lovable characters. But, I also remember having a children’s Bible. I don’t recall it stimulating me to consider any question at all but… I DO remember the lesson that was beat into me with every story… Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, the Tower of Babel, to name but a few: GOD LOVES YOU, BUT OBEY GOD’S LAW OR ELSE! If that is not terrorism and child abuse, what is?


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