A Meditation on Faith: Revelation, Part I

What book would I want to be put into my hands as a child?

A canon of ready-made answers?

Or a book of provocative questions?

Next Meditation: Revelation, Part II


7 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Revelation, Part I

  1. Both. There are many provocative questions found in God’s Word – the Holy Bible. Like, “now that I have read all of this, what do I do with it?” The intuitive yet discerning reader asks questions constantly about what he reads.
    Peace Out.

    I kinda like this blog thing 🙂


  2. Of importance about giving a child a book: make sure it is age appropriate. My parents gave me a Children’s Illustrated Bible when I was a child, so my young, undeveloped mind could understand and use it. Also, I read a lot of Dr. Suess which had a quarry of provocative questions like “this hat or that,” etc.


    • I hope that other readers realize that I am not necessarily talking about a LITERAL child or a LITERAL book, right? That point aside, I agree that all teaching should be age-appropriate… and that there are age-appropriate provocative questions such as “Johnny, how do you think YOU would feel if Suzy took YOUR crayons?” Alas, there is also age-appropriate BRAINWASHING… The gatekeepers are quite skilled at this game. So, I am a huge fan of Doctor Seuss… meaningful life lessons, delivered with good humor by such lovable characters. But, I also remember having a children’s Bible. I don’t recall it stimulating me to consider any question at all but… I DO remember the lesson that was beat into me with every story… Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, the Tower of Babel, to name but a few: GOD LOVES YOU, BUT OBEY GOD’S LAW OR ELSE! If that is not terrorism and child abuse, what is?


      • I had a much different experience, presentation and hence, interpretation of my Children’s Bible. My parents gently referred to my first Bible, God’s Word, as Love, and yes, He made me, so He loves me. And Frank, God is not a terrorist, God is not a child abuser, God is Love. His message is not one of abuse or terrorism, it is one of love. Yes, tough love at times, but Real Love. He gave man free will. MEN, who are NOT God, become terrorists and abusers because they are so far separated from God. And we all have the choice to come to Him.
        I read my Children’s Bible those many years ago (molding my belief system today – I believe it was Freud who said the first five years of life create our belief system) and was amazed at not only by God’s power and justice but by His mercy and salvation. Amazed not only by the history of creation but how I AM His creation. Amazed not only by the prophecy and the Law of the Old Testament but by the sweet redemption brought by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
        God’s law is simple, love Him beyond anything or anyone else, love others as yourself and give Him control of your life. He does not say Obey My Law or Else. Man has free will. We have a choice. I pray for you Frank and share these words only out of love. Blessings, grace and peace to you my friend.


        • You have made at a least a dozen extraordinary assertions, John. Allow me to inquire about just a few… How do you KNOW that God created everything? How do you KNOW that God made you? Can you share an example of God’s love? Can you give an example of God’s “tough love”? “Sweet redemption” from what? You say you are “amazed at not only by God’s power and justice but by His mercy and salvation.” Can you give me an example of such power, justice, and mercy? And may I ask what he saved you FROM? May I ask WHY you are praying for me?


  3. These are not extraordinary assertions Frank. Very ordinary beliefs among non-denominational
    evangelical Christians who believe God’s Word – the Holy Bible. Are we without sin, or faults?
    God knows, no way! That’s why I pray and work on my life and thank God He never leaves me.

    Examples of God’s tough love – stories of Job and Jonah.

    I Know God created everything because I Believe the Bible and Genesis

    Sweet redemption by accepting Jesus Christ and being redeemed from judgment (BY GOD)

    Look in the Bible, the miracles of Jesus are throughout the gospels of Mark, Matthew and John.

    I BELIEVE Frank. I believe that the Bible is the Holy Word of God. That it is real and has meaning for my life.

    And I pray for
    you so that one day you may recognize this and except Him as you savior and be free and have internal peace on Earth and Eternal peace in Heaven.


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