A Meditation on Faith: Gaslighting

The preachers, politicians, and other salesmen do not profit by making their congregations, constituents, and customers comfortable in their own skins.

In fact, the least suggestion that YOU can see, hear, think, and do without them threatens their very existence.

And so “the faithful” must be kept in a perpetual state of diffidence…

… trained to distrust their own eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings…

… trained to feel shame, guilt for any doubts of the scriptures, myths, and patriarchs.

… trained to esteem self-denial.

… trained to accept and parrot opinions that they have merely heard, not formed.

… trained to believe that they cannot possibly know right from wrong without the tutelage and sanction of “the authorities”.

… trained to fear, and sometimes to demonize, non-believers.

… trained to believe that belief in unbelievable things makes them special, not stupid… in fact, the deeper the belief in the unbelievable, the better.

… instilling a “faith” so deep that even the most unassailable logic, even the most definitive evidence, even all the love in the world cannot penetrate its armor.

Next Meditation: Idolatry


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