BULLSHIT needs to hide behind the curtain of complexity, exclusivity, and incomprehensibility…

for the simple reason that it cannot stand on its own merits.

And so the enterprise bemuses the faithful with a host of untestable claims, nonsensical doctrines, indecipherable scriptures, and baffling sacraments…

all wrapped in the cloak of “piety”.

A canon of imaginary threats and empty promises…

expertly designed to captivate weak minds, hearts, and stomachs…

weaving a web of deceit so tight that only the most honest and courageous among us has a chance to recognize the racket before it’s too late.


Frank J Peter View All →

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Hey Frank. Another side of this is character. Even if you believe, you have to compromise your morals to accept atrocities of the Bible and religion and adhere to totalitarian belief. Atheist tend to be the most genuine people I know, for the simple fact that they won’t align with evil, and when you look at the catch phrases i.e. God is good, god is merciful, god is love, etc, and compare it to what read in the Bible and see in real life, none of it adds up. God is just—story of Elisha and the bear come to mind. Don’t tease a prophet or scores of children will be mauled and killed by a bear. How just god is? I just don’t understand the context I guess. A good person would never call this ok, and even if you believe, you should distance yourself from faith. Great post btw.

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    • Thanks for checking in, Jim, and for being a voice of reason and decency. Agreed… the “Word of God” is pure evil. I share your dismay and am absolutely incredulous that anyone can read “the good book, “the holy scriptures”, “the good news” and claim that God (whatever that means) is love. My favorite is the Abraham and Isaac story, which I need not explain (to you). Peace, brother.

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      • Yes. If I claimed a revelation, sent my child and baby mama into the desert with a water bottle to die, then went back and mutilated my other sons junk along with my own, I would be at Eastern State mental hospital for the rest of my life.

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