God the Father, Part 1

Patriarchal “morality” has nothing to do with right and wrong…

but about who gets to make the rules…

and about who gets to enforce them.

In the patriarchal system, the primary “virtue” is OBEDIENCE…
… and the emotion that matters most is FEAR.

So, beware any enterprise where “the truth” is defined by… and imposed by… an exclusive, privileged, self-anointed caste of hominids with penises.


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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. I have an Iranian ex Muslim atheist that follows my blog. He compares Abraham and Muhammad to the apes. Everything they implemented was about controlling food, territory, and sex. The only difference between them and the apes is writing. I thought that was quite intuitive considering our ancestry

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      • There are laws in 13 countries outlawing atheism as a capital crime. Egypt is on the docket right now to do the same. They are worried but how do you force someone to truly believe? “Off with his head”…Wait!! I belieeeeeve!!

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        • Indeed. It makes me so sad, sick, and angry. A HUGE hostage situation terrorizing hundreds of millions. That said, a compelling reason for we know better (and we who need not fear beheading for apostasy) need to be counted by openly opposing the poison that is religion. COMING OUT really matters, a process that I am still in the fledgling stages of understanding and doing. Thank you, Jim, for energizing that process. Peace.

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