Coming Out: The Propaganda Machine

Brandolini’s law, also known as The Bullshit Asymmetry Principle, states:

The amount of energy required to refute bullshit
is an order of magnitude greater than the energy required to produce it.

The preachers, politicians, and other snake oil salesmen understand this quite well… successfully broadcasting their ridiculous, sometimes vile, non-sense faster than conscious, reasonable, and decent people can respond.

But the problem goes so much deeper than that…

For one, it takes uncommon awareness just to recognize that a vicious game is being played.

For two, it takes uncommon insight to understand the rules of that vicious game.

For three, it takes uncommon wisdom, creativity, and gravitas to oppose the tyrants without resorting to the same disingenuous tactics.

And four, it takes uncommon courage to take a stand, knowing that it entails backlash, possibly violent, from the gatekeepers that be.

Learn more… Coming Out: Enthrallment


4 thoughts on “Coming Out: The Propaganda Machine

  1. Your hand waving, vapid incoherent statements. You just don’t understand the interpretations (excuses for god) When they start to accuse you of exactly what they are doing themselves is a telling, and frustrating tactic that takes volumes to refute. The Gish Gallup ad nauseam diatribes are impossible to address when all they do is shotgun more bs and never address the real issues.

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    • Indeed, Jim… with the power to suck otherwise rational and decent people into its vortex. Thanks for teaching me a new term… “gish gallop”… which describes one of the primary tactics of the religious apologists perfectly. Peace,

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  2. I’m enjoying reading your exchanges in the comments. Will you please educate me on the term “gish gallup?”. I’m not finding either word in my dictionary.

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    • Thanks so much for asking, Stacy. A new term for me as well.

      From wikipedia: “Gish gallop” is a technique used during debating that focuses on overwhelming one’s opponent with as many arguments as possible, without regard for accuracy or strength of the arguments. During a Gish gallop, a debater confronts an opponent with a rapid series of many specious arguments, half-truths, and misrepresentations in a short space of time, which makes it impossible for the opponent to refute all of them within the format of a formal debate. In practice, each point raised by the “Gish galloper” takes considerably more time to refute or fact-check than it did to state in the first place. The technique wastes an opponent’s time and may cast doubt on the opponent’s debating ability for an audience unfamiliar with the technique, especially, if no independent fact-checking is involved, or, if the audience has limited knowledge of the topics.

      Alas, religious apologists and politicians are particularly skilled at this game.


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