A Meditation on Faith: Discipleship

Authentic faith knows that knowledge, truth, and wisdom are found by emulating the great doers…

… not by flocking around the fancy talkers.

Next Meditation: Censorship, Part I


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Discipleship

  1. If prosperity preachers can’t turn the stomachs of the faithful nothing will. Religious sophistry invites the most cleverly worded arguments to become their truth. What is proclaimed to be simplicity takes volumes of explanation—no, libraries of refined excuses.

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    • Indeed. The prosperity preachers (Osteen, Chopra, Prince, Jakes, Murdoch, Tolle, Hinn, Copeland, Swaggart, Myers, Warren, Dyer, Heitzig, Haggard, et al) are particularly nauseating… mesmerizing the frustrated, desperate, and vulnerable with their hypnotic word salads and empty promises.

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