A Meditation on Faith: Censorship, Part II

The politicians and preachers know that the truth is their mortal enemy…

… compelling them to employ all manner of tactics to distract their constituents and congregations away from “dangerous thoughts”.

To that end…

The children must remain silent until they’ve been trained to parrot the unexamined professions of their masters.

Every curious impulse must be crushed…

… every honest doubt stifled…

… every hint of initiative eradicated…

All met with the charge of “pride”, the root of all evil.

Outsiders… the non-believers, the goyim, the infidels… must be painted as devils incarnate… tempting “the faithful” away from “the one true light”.

Obedience, conformity, and self-renunciation are celebrated…

… in word, image, and ritual…

… a dozen times a day…

… “sanctified” by appeals to tradition, piety, patriotism, esprit de corps, respect for your elders…

… day after day after day for thousands of days.

Who but the most honest and courageous among us has a prayer of even recognizing, much less escaping from, this hideous and vile bubble of ignorance?

Next Meditation: Fellowship


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