Coming Out: Censorship, Part III

The bubble of ignorance imposed by “the authorities” is bad enough, but even that is not sufficient to keep bogus faith in business…

Without the complicity of their fawning flocks and constituents, the preachers and politicians would go extinct.

And so any hint of liberty must be crushed by the powers that be… by violence if necessary…

… but why fuss with such a messy business when simpler, cheaper, and more effective methods will do?

What more ingenious way to silence dissent… to terrorize the ignorant, desperate, and vulnerable… than the charges of blasphemy and treason?

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Indeed… I put Jesus as a man, whether mythical or actual, squarely in my pantheon of heroes… not as a savior, but as a great teacher… who refused to bow to the powers that were… not to the Romans, not to the Pharisees, not to the Sadducees. Neither did he resort to violence like the Zealots. Nor did he escape to a life of monasticism like the Essenes. Alas, his living example has been, and continues to be, co-opted and perverted beyond recognition by so many ambitious charlatans exploiting the vulnerable. Thanks and peace.

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  2. Essentially, if one believes the story, those were the main charges against Jesus that got him crucified. Obviously, the system works and nothing has changed except that those who claim to believe would be the very first today to scream, “Crucify him!”

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