A Meditation on Faith: Fear of Authority, Part III

Wouldn’t it be fun if [ethical] disobedience was a risk-free venture?

Alas, life is not that easy.

The powers that be have a well-oiled system that makes it as painful as possible… and sometimes dangerous… for “the faithful” to challenge their authority.

And so, doing what “the authorities” command is sometimes an act of prudence

… the conscious decision to fight another day…

… in the name of self-preservation…

… and in service to a more noble battle.

Next Meditation: Place Your Bets


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Fear of Authority, Part III

  1. I know quite a few in the LDS that know it’s bs but stay in it for family stability, and socially if you jump ship you lose all your “friends”. Even friendship is a facade propped up by common belief alone. Walk away and you lose business contacts, friends and family. Pathetic really.

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    • Indeed, Jim. I suspect there are quite a few closeted non-believers in many faiths… which is one reason I chose to come out… just one more baby step toward the tipping point where everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief and say and be who they really are. Thanks and peace, man.

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