A Meditation on Faith: Obedience Unmasked

In the patriarchal system, the only allowable freedom is the “choice” to obey the authorities… or else.

What is such “freedom” but submission of the wrong kind… submission of the worst kind… submission for submission’s sake…

… nothing more than servitude, resignation, and abdication spun into “virtues”.

… a cowardly humility and a false piety grounded in self-denial… fearful, passive, crippling.

… a rejection of excellence, initiative, creativity, and power… and therefore of responsibility.

… the license to impose your prejudices upon others without having to take personal ownership of them.

… an indifference to doing more good than the rules require and less harm than the rules permit.

… the permission, and sometimes the duty, to commit violence… with the full sanction and support of “the authorities”.

All the above holding the adult in me to a much lower standard than I would hold myself.

Next Meditation: Cognitive Dissonance


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