Coming Out: Cognitive Dissonance

Bogus faith is readily recognized by the remarkable “agility” (sarcasm alert!) of its doctrines and “morality”…

… by the obvious inconsistencies, contradictions, and omissions of its tenets.

… by the many convenient exemptions from its own commandments.

… by its conspicuous silence on matters of great import.

… by the polytheistic, irreconcilable nature of its idols: God the creator, God the destroyer, God the all-knowing, God the all-powerful, God the all-loving, God the punisher, God the merciful, God the protector, God the vanquisher, God the loving father, God the judge, God the personal friend.

But so complete is the indoctrination of “the faithful” that they appear totally unperturbed by the patent absurdities of their beliefs… not to mention their blatant hypocrisy. And, when confronted with inconvenient questions that expose the deceit, they gleefully… often smarmily… sometimes violently… defend what they do not understand.

Some of the “cleverer” true believers, totally incapable of reconciling their faith with the facts of life claim that the greasier the pig, the better… that such “openness to interpretation” is a glorious testament to the richness, veracity, and profundity of their “faith”.

Sorry, but I will not allow you to keep your comfortable delusions, your cherry-picked scriptures, your self-serving interpretations, and your chameleon god handy… only to justify your ignorance, apathy, dishonesty, prejudice, and cowardice.

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Frank J Peter View All →

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Nice Frank. Also, there are many genuinely good people too that have been duped through the calculated play on human nature. I feel for them. Their realities are stunted by the deception. They have their own source of power within them and it costs nothing to tap into it.

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    • Indeed, Jim. I used to be one of those good people held hostage… stifled and stunted by the scam. I am still digging myself out of that black hole of ignorance. And it begs the question: When do innocent children become responsible adults? if ever? Thanks and peace.

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