Coming Out: Opportunity Cost

Aside from a painful truth withheld out of sincere kindness, there is no such thing as an innocuous falsehood.

Every bogus promise and denial of reality, no matter how comforting it might seem, always has a price to pay…

And somebody will pay… if not we in this lifetime, then countless innocent victims for generations to come.

Like a festering wound, a contagious virus, a choking vine… each and every falsehood infects and spreads… poisoning, crippling, strangling, blinding far and wide… crowding out the truth and driving us deeper and deeper into confusion… deeper and deeper into isolation… rendering us strangers not just to each other, but to our very selves.

And so it goes… day after day after day… engulfing us all in a turbulent sea of ignorance, superstition, anxiety, poverty, corruption, hypocrisy, exploitation, disease, bigotry, scapegoating, depression, fear, violence, and loneliness… all conspiring as so many vicious causes and effects of each other… and condemning us all to the consequences of scientific and moral imbecility… not to mention the tragedy of so many precious lives unlived.

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  1. Religion and politics… aren’t we forgetting the third and currently most significant and powerful member of society’s evil trinit:y business (money, finance, indebtedness)? The biggest piles of lies currently foisted on society is advertising. It is so insidious and acceptable that even herre it seemed to have been completely overlooked. All advertising is lies, simply because it is “advertising”. I worked for 42 years for that ubiquitous corporation that is nothing but advertising: Coca Cola. The results of that advertising are now obvious for all to see: gross expressions of self-gratification and obesity which have led, directly or indirectly to personal ill health… and Donald Trump! (Donald Trump is not politics, he’s the Humpty Dumpty of coroporate sociopathy.)

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  2. Marvelous post and the words so true. It’s an irony how close religion and politics are in their price to pay and damage done. The real sadness is that so much of it is out in the open to refute so much of it with reason, critical thinking and a bit of research. But many many people chose the easy way out…laziness and ignorance and habit.

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  3. Here in the west it is tradition and fun to raise our kids in utter deception from day one, acclimating them to a life of winking lies. Everyone from Santa to the gods and birds and bees is a trick played on young minds.

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