A Meditation on Faith: Welcome to The Monkey House

What is a sincere and rational person to do trapped on a sphere where billions of his fellow beings are convinced that they know… or at least pretend to know… the what, how, and why of all that exists?

Honesty and integrity leave me no choice but to judge them all guilty, at the very least, of profound ignorance… but the problem does not end there…

As each unjustifiable and incompatible “theory of everything” competes for market share, division and strife are automatic… “uniting” locally only by dividing globally… building barriers where none existed before… between nations, neighbors, tribes, brothers and sisters… setting the stage for never-ending strife and violence that is the predictable child of so many irreconcilable zeals, obediences, conformities, partisanships, and patriotisms.

And so, no matter how “moderate”, “evolved”, or “tolerant” you think you are… and no matter how “nice” a person you are otherwise… if you persist in strutting around like your particular combo of allegiances and superstitions is “the winner”, you don’t just have a problem…

You are a problem.

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4 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Welcome to The Monkey House

  1. A Muslim commenter on Mel’s site was “concerned” about my unbelief as if something was wrong with me. Billions of believers can’t all be wrong. Well, yes they can. I have never followed the crowd in pop culture or lifestyle, yet here I am. We have selected to part from the herd and ignore the pull of superstition. Finally life is interesting and curious.

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  2. Yes, billion of believers and thousands of faiths and thousands of differing views on spirituality and various views in science on how it all began and where is it all going.
    But through much of this “believing”, except for most of the spiritual and all of the science views, is a hatred for the agnostic or atheist. I’ve always wondered why such distaste or hatred rather than a mere “oh well to each his own even though they’re going straight to hell” attitude. I use to think it was fear that we may be right, but lately I’ve felt more it is fear that we will “corrupt ” other minds with rationality.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Mary, and nice to meet you. Sadly, all you say is true… and reminds me of a quote which escapes me at the moment, but goes something like: Nothing has the power to unite and infuriate warring parties more than when a friend of both sides intervenes. Thanks and peace.


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