Sacred Spaces

Bogus faith seeks and “finds” divinity in all the wrong places…

in ornate churches, temples, and mosques… cloistered convents and monasteries… Fatimas, Wailing Walls, and Meccas… chalices, candles, incense… pietas, mosaics, and frescoed domes… prostrations, chants, processions, and self-flagellations… ancient scrolls and holy relics… in incomprehensible sacraments, enthralling spectacles, priestly hierarchies, and public displays of piety…

… all seemingly eager to shun the “fallen” world.

Authentic faith knows that a place is consecrated not by divine command… not by decree of the patriarchs… not by covenant with supernatural agents… not by some mythical event… not by the sprinkling of magic water… not by those loosely-directed mumbles known as prayers… but by every act of honesty, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, perseverance, generosity, justice, courage, and love performed there… no matter how “humble”.


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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Historically you can tell where people’s allegiances are by the buildings they build. The latest from our culture is stadiums, where in the past it was religious buildings, business and government. They all have on common denominator; big money taken by deception, legislation, lies, and all benefiting the same elite groups on the backs of common people.

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