The Three Letter Word, Part X

Sweeping all your ignorance under a rug called “God”, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever…

does NOTHING to solve the profound mystery of our existence.

On the contrary, you have made the problem even worse…

by adding something that is even more inexplicable than the thing you are claiming to explain.

Next Meditation: Self-Evidence

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. Dawkins pointed out it is easier to explain how a simplicity came to exist than a god. That is the true nature of a creator. The idea has become so grand in its explanations that there are often not words to keep up with it. Even the size of our own planet is unimaginable in the confines of a lifetime. Let’s make up something really huge like the ultimate god of all time and have people try to explain it and keep their day job.

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