Coming Out: Hedging Your Bets

Simple observation of human behavior shows that most of “the faithful” live in a perpetual state of yes-no…

… bobbing along in a dull noncommittal nowhere land…

… oblivious to the economic and psychic forces that conspire to define them…

… confusing their inheritance of comfort, drudgery, distraction, and luxury with success, freedom, purpose, and happiness…

… being just enough of a devil to enjoy themselves… but just enough of an angel to keep them out of hell… just in case.

How do I know this? Because I used to be one of them.

Learn more… Coming Out: Walking Your Talk


2 thoughts on “Coming Out: Hedging Your Bets

  1. One foot in and one foot out. They all cherry pick the parts they like and excuse the rest. I’m thinking that’s a good thing or we’d be living like fundamental Muslims where force is a way of life.

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    • Agreed that cherry-picking gives real cause for hope… a sign that many “true believers” are decent human beings with an innate sense of right and wrong… and a reason to treat them with genuine compassion despite the patent insanity of some of their beliefs. Peace.

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