Coming Out: The Messiah

A real savior will not rescue me…

A real savior will show me how to save myself…

… not from some supposed devil…

… not from some supposed hell…

… not from the depravity of this “fallen” world…

… not from the poisonous influence of non-believers…

… but from my own ignorance, greed, cynicism, apathy, pettiness, laziness, self-righteousness, and cowardice.

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. 1. You spoke of a Real Savior will show you how to save yourself, hence my question.
    2. God the Savior can save you from yourself, your issues and troubles on Earth, and provide you eternal life in Heaven, justly saving you from Hell. However if you don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, than this is irrelevant, as is the question you asked in the restaurant. Frank: Is there a Heaven and Hell? John: “Yes.” Frank: paraphrasing “So, if I don’t believe in God, than I go to Hell?” John: “Yes.” However, again, if you don’t believe in Heaven or Hell then that question is irrelevant and need not be asked. Maybe you just wanted to know if there is a clear cut answer/black and white answer – yes, there is. However, this can be changed anytime, so quickly.
    3. One goes about asking God to save him, simply by asking God to save him and then believing, recognizing we are sinners, turning from our sins, (although we are never without sin here on Earth, sin is the ultimate separator) living with/for God, and striving to have a communal relationship with God for the rest of his life.
    4. I believed your reference to “insane asylum’ was taken in context as the ‘world around us’ when you said we the ‘insane asylum that engulfs us.” Or were you referring to something else? Religion, perhaps?


    • This is a perfect illustration of what religion does to innocent children, JW… Instilling a fear of eternal damnation so deep that no amount of evidence or logic can penetrate its armor.. even into adulthood. I, for one, do not seek a messiah. I don’t WANT a messiah. THAT is the point of this meditation. Any moral person already knows right from wrong and knows what they need to do… and it has nothing to do with belief in the unbelievable or being rescued by supernatural beings. I, for one, do not want anyone to HAND me salvation. My self-respect and reverence for freedom and dignity demand that I EARN my rewards.

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  2. HAVE A LITTLE TIME, so want to share additional thoughts with you, hope that’s ok….

    God IS in Charge. However, there is a battle going on for the hearts and minds of all who live here in the world. Earth is not our final destination, nor our real home.

    He seeks the lost – those who don’t believe – and wants us to commune with Him, now.

    Putting your trust in Him makes this life so much more bearable, LIVABLE and peaceful. And there is Joy, too.

    I’m not a ‘religious’ person, nor follow a prescribed religious institution. Despite/Because of my human – ness, my faults, I always strive to maintain a relationship and understanding with my God the Father, The Son-Jesus Christ my Savior and the Holy Spirit. My life experience, time after time, has shown me that my God will not forsake or leave me, no matter what… He has kept me safe, at peace, overcoming all sorts of life’s troubles ….and I call him my God, give Him thanks, praise and ask for His help. Miracles Do happen everyday Frank. But we don’t get to choose them.

    I know for a fact Frank, you prescribe/(ed) to spirituality, the supernatural, shown by your experiential search to find yourself, the meaning of life, etc. Unfortunately, substances don’t get us there, Lord knows I’ve tried and still have hard habits….. But there is Someone Frank, some Power, beyond ourselves who we can trust.

    No church is perfect because it is made up of people. Some who prescribe faith (pastors, priests, rabbis, Islamic leaders, etc) are not ones we should follow (rather stay away from). Believers, people in general must be discriminant. People who crave power, money or fame may do it in God’s name to meet their worldly goals.. I get all that and think that is your position on these meditations. However, true Church is not a palace for perfect people (or those who think they are perfect), rather a hospital for humble sinners who need to be fed and nourished.

    You write about those who practice religion, believers/religious people “insane.” What is your experience with people like this that creates such disdain?

    You have heard the saying to “Live by Faith and not by Sight. I can tell you that when I do this, my life is so much better. When I keep my eyes up and have a thankful heart, things are smooth and peaceful.

    Frank, when I read your “Meditations on Faith,” I feel your bitterness, disdain and…. even . . . your anger. Faith in The one true God is not about hate, or taking sides. It is about love. I hope you are able to find Joy and Peace one day in His Love.

    Again, I write this without “big” words or deep profundities. I write this out of love to my friend. We have been so for many years Frank, and I’ve always appreciated your friendship, along with your wit, insight, wisdom, caring and support.

    Well, enough said.

    I hope you are doing well. I will continue to pray for you Frank. The invitation is always open to join us for church or coffee. May God bless you in His strong love.


    • You bet I am angry.. and righteously so…. as I stand against ignorance, obedience, and conformity in all forms… religious, partisan, tribal, nationalistic, whatever. I especially stand opposed to the indoctrination of innocent children. It is nothing less than child abuse. And to answer your one question: “You write about those who practice religion, believers/religious people as “insane.” Not a fair characterization… While I have on many occasions referred to the insanity of the whole enterprise… my meditations are also filled with a deep compassion and empathy for those otherwise decent people who have been traumatized by their religious upbringing… so much so that they, like you, do not even realize what has happened to them… or those who do come to realize that their religion is poisonous nonsense but have so much invested or so much to lose that they are terrified to come out of the closet.

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  3. Frank – Have you ever truly asked the Real Savior to show you how to save yourself? Perhaps if you did, you might feel free of “the insane asylum that engulfs us.” Peace


    • 1. May I ask why/how you decided that I need to be saved?
      2. What exactly do you think I need to be saved from?
      3. On behalf of others who feel compelled seek “salvation” by YOUR definition (whatever that means), may I ask how, in concrete terms, one actually goes about “asking the Real Savior to show him the way to save himself”?
      4. May I ask what/who you thought my use “insane asylum” was referring to?


  4. Great point Frank, but if religion was in line with what they preach, they would lose all their members. I remember feeling lazy about church and mentioned I was tired of hearing the same old thing year after year. “But we need you” was the plea. Now I could help spread the ploy another 20 years before i just snapped at the shear ridiculousness of what I was doing.

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