Apocalypse Now

Only those who live in insular, privileged bubbles think the “end times” are to be found in some distant Armageddon and grand reckoning.

The rest of us know that the horrors of hell are already here.

It’s always the end of the world for somebody, somewhere…

condemned to pointless suffering in so many abusive households, sweat shops, ghettos, malaria-infested jungles, drought-stricken plains, dictatorships, war zones, refugee camps, ground zeros, crack houses, insane asylums, and cancer wards… to name but a few…

… the list of cruelties goes on and on.

That said, how can anyone with a brain and a heart find comfort, peace, and serenity in otherworldly speculations unless oblivious to or unmoved by so much hell on earth?

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A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

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  1. The last paragraph says it all. The problem of evil is the one thing (among others) that the religious won’t discuss intelligently because they have no answers and are afraid of the cruelty and hell they see and the impotence of their god.

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  2. For most of history, life for most people was so full of misery that the thought of an imminent end of the world might even have been comforting. Today, of course, it’s quite different. Authoritarian religionists (right-wing Evangelicals, Islamic fundamentalists) feel increasingly frustrated and impotent as the culture moves further and further away from their preferred model, ignoring their exhortations and scoldings. I think they feel comforted by the thought of the “end times” as a sort of vicarious revenge on all the millions of people who increasingly don’t pay attention to them.

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    • I agree that the fundamentalist backlash is just that… a predictable reaction to the realization that their self-serving, poisonous, failed worldview is on its death bed. At the risk of sounding overly optimistic, I am hopeful, as more and more infidels like you and me come out, that love and reason are slowly, but surely, winning the day. Thanks and peace.


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