A Meditation on Faith: Disillusionment

If you think that happiness is a choice…

… that loyalty, hard work, and perseverance are naturally rewarded… that the good guys always win, and the bad guys always lose… that sincere prayers are always answered… that love conquers all… and that no one’s cross is ever too much to bear…

… prepare yourself for a lifetime of disappointment.

The day will come… when you realize that bad things do happen to good people.

The day will come…  when the reality principle becomes personal.

THIS is when the real choosing begins.

Next Meditation: Belief in a Just World


9 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Disillusionment

  1. Jumping off!! It is hard to escape the misery we’ve often accepted as “just the way it is”. The difference between staying or leaving is a mere decision of beautiful consequence. Thanks Frank.

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      • I like short and to the point. You do it very well. I like the intellectual stimulation but very short in time these days. Long posts are tough although I like them when my life isn’t so busy. Nice work.

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        • Thanks for digging my delivery, Jim. I do my best (and sometimes succeed) to distill pages into paragraphs, paragraphs into sentences, sentences into words, and words into silence… out of respect for my reader’s time, but especially out of respect for their intelligence… knowing that the people I really want to connect with… those rare and precious souls who “get it” will do more than just read. They will introspect, extend, and do. That’s for getting it, brother.

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