A Meditation on Faith: Surrender

The popular evil of obedience to “authority” is submission of the wrong kind…

… nothing more than self-denial, servitude, abdication, and cowardice spun into “virtues”.

Devotion to an ideal is submission of the right kind… a responsible freedom that needs no sanction… animating and demanding the very best of me… and with the power to rally the bona fide virtues… compassion, honesty, integrity, gratitude, creativity, perseverance, and courage… to its cause.

The challenge, of course, is that “the simplest thing”… submission to my own hopes and dreams… and to my innate sense of right and wrong… may be the hardest leap of all.

Next Meditation: Martyrdom


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Surrender

  1. I’m curious why you think that following one’s own hopes and dreams would be a difficult thing to do? Unless you’re referring to the cultural conditioning that pushes us to submit to outside authority instead.


    • I am referring precisely to what you mentioned… to the daily barrage of social forces that conspire against our self-actualization… a tangled mess where indoctrination of the young, fear of authority, ignorance, obedience, conformity, materialism, victimhood culture, entertainment culture… all conspiring as so many vicious causes and effects of each other. It takes a fortunate and uncommonly honest and self-motivated person to rise above the fray.


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