A Meditation on Faith: Martyrdom

My authentic faith may lead me to choose self-sacrifice…

… but it will never allow me to choose self-renunciation.

Next Meditation: Self-Righteousness


6 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Martyrdom

    • Thanks for asking, JW.

      Under most circumstances, I would rather live for a cause than die for one, but…

      Under certain circumstances, I can see myself going so far as to sacrifice my own life for another living thing (with no hope of heaven, by the way) in order to serve a cause greater than my own happiness and self-preservation.

      At the risk of tooting my own horn… I have, in fact, done many things in my life that have put me in harm’s way… or where I have willingly chosen to endure emotional and physical discomfort… as a rational and moral commitment to a greater good despite the risk.

      BTW, I make no claims of sainthood. I suspect most of us have this innate capacity.

      Why do you ask?


  1. I asked because I wasn’t sure what you meant by “self-sacrifice.” You’ve clarified. So, can you give me an example of serving a cause greater than your own happiness or self preservation?

    I’m guessing one would be your ventures into Africa and mission to help children there? A purpose driven life, making a positive difference in the lives of others, is something every human being should ascribe to (within their own personal capacity), and a noble commitment of yours Frank…


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