A Meditation on Faith: Self-Righteousness

All my claims of character are cheap unless they have been truly tested.

It is impossible to know the extents of my integrity, devotion, forgiveness, or courage unless they have been challenged by danger, grief, poverty, hunger, thirst, illness, betrayal, injustice, or violence.

Even “the good life” will test me: How can anyone declare himself virtuous in the absence of temptation?

So, are my convictions strong enough to resist the highest bidder?

Pushed to the limits, would I put my principles above my own comfort and safety…

… and possibly above my very existence?

Next Meditation: “Belonging”


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Self-Righteousness

  1. It can also be found in the simple, quiet way we treat others or talk about them privately. Closed systems and tight ideologies rarely test the metal of true character. Great post Frank.

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    • Both of your points are dead on, Jim. Regarding the second… the insularity of [closed] religious and political systems is indeed not only about censorship of “dangerous ideas”. It’s also about insulating “the faithful” from the true test of having to walk their talk. Thanks and peace.

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