A Meditation on Faith: “Belonging”

When I have nothing to be proud of… when my life is devoid of real accomplishment, meaningful projects, or honorable character…

I can simply attach myself to a self-congratulatory group that has declared itself superior to all the other groups.

Voila! Effortless “self-esteem”… instant “salvation” by identification…

… a ready-made “refuge” from my anxieties and shortcomings.

… instant “relief” from boredom and frustration… from doubt, guilt, shame, and cowardice.

… a great escape from responsibility… and therefore from the anguish of freedom.

My need to “belong” in direct proportion to my failure to become a person… “finding” myself by losing myself… in superficial alliances, patriotism, and religious zeal.

… a popular way to hide in plain sight… to fail at life while preserving my anonymity.

All that said, the values of the particular herd that absorbs me are immaterial…

It’s the approval of the herd that really matters…

… and any convenient herd will do.

Next Meditation: Inbreeding


9 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: “Belonging”

  1. Great point again Sir Frank. No one person is as dumb as all of us. So here’s how it goes; I’m having trouble being alone. I feel inadequate. I join up with a totally lost ideology that makes no sense at all. Now I feel better. Go figure!

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  2. It’s definitely absurd to feel pride or self-esteem because of something one had no control over, such as one’s race or nationality.

    I suppose religion counts as something the individual does have control over, but it’s still a pretty odd thing to take pride in. Pride should be reserved for things that took some effort to accomplish.

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